Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A.C.E Giveaway :Get your power back!

                                            A.C.E To The Rescue!!!

So what exactly does A.C.E stand for? . Appetite Control & Energy Supplement. It is safe, effective and very affordable. The health benefits of ACE are nothing short of amazing! Did you know that as well as for weight-loss ,A.C.E is also great for arthritis, migraines other conditions with inflammation and pain?!!! 
ACE is a ALL natural Appetite Control and Energy supplement, it will turn-off your hunger switch and kick you into gear! It also is a metabolism booster, which is why the weight just literally falls off. No jitters, No sleepless nights, No in between meal snacking, No binge eating, No over eating.. You take one first thing in the morning, and then go about your day. You'll have more energy and gen
erally feel better than you have in years!!
Because ACE is ALL natural it is safe to take with any illness, condition and medication. If you are on any meds just take them and ACE at least 1 hour apart. *If you have any concerns, please to take a copy of ACE ingredients to your Doctor.
It is not at all expensive, it's actually less than a soft drink or a cup of coffee/ day, at only $1.00/capsule (+ shipping)

I received a Free Trial  from The Patriotic Peacock & let me tell youuuu!! I did things I hadn't done in YEARS!!! I felt 20 again!! I had so much energy & focus. I was motivated to accomplish all the things I had put off for so long without a care or pain in the world!! I had no snack or hunger urges nor a crash feeling at the end of the day. I went to bed earlier,feeling more accomplished,& woke up bright & early in the morning ready to tackle the day!!! Results were about 3 pounds shed in one week!!! So if you want to  feel like this & are ready to make a change..... 

 The Patriotic Peacock  is also a custom made/designs boutique. All items unless specified READY TO SHIP can be made to your color and patt
ern specifications. Everything is hand made by them. Nothing is pre-ordered in China, Each item is intricately cared for and made with detail and love. Custom items are currently taking 5-10 business days to be completed. If there is a rush order, please private message or email them at ThePatrioticPeacock@gmail.com and they can work something out for you.

For The Giveaway: Winner will receive a FREE Trial of A.C.E

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Winner will be chosen 08/17 GOOD LUCK!!
* The product provided for the review was free of charge from the company. The product offered for the giveaway is free of charge, no purchase necessary. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by any form of compensation. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are in no way associated with this giveaway.


  1. I want to try this and feel 10 years younger! I gotta try it:) I gotta have it!!

  2. I have heard great things about it! :)

  3. Gotta Have it! really need to lose this extra baby weight!

  4. Gotta Have It
    Caitlin Wright Villasenor

  5. I'm so tired of being overweight and tired all the time with absolutely no energy!!! It would be really nice to feel like getting out of the house and doing something for a change, I wouldn't know how to act, but I'd sure be willing to give it a try. Thank You for the opportunity to win something that might turn my dreams into reality.