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NuNaat Karite Special Collection Giveaway!!

NuNaat Brazillian Hair Care

Karite Special Collection

nuNAAT® - All Your Hair Can Be

Unleashing your hair’s full potential comes naturally to them. At nuNAAT®, they’ve been able to harness the finest ingredients found in nature, and create an exquisite collection of hair care products. With the right combination designed for your hair type, you’ll see what they see–hair that’s healthy, manageable and beautiful. nuNAAT® - All your hair can be!!

Karité Special is an advanced formula with pure SHEA BUTTER that relieves dryness and restores a healthy moisture balance to the hair, leaving hair soft and shiny. Leaves no oily residue or build up.
  • Packed with vitamin A, D, E and F
  • Protects hair from harmful sun damage
  • No oily buildup or greasy residue
  • No clogged pores
  • Rehydrates, restores and revitalizes dry, damaged and brittle hair
  • Restores natural brilliance to chemically-processed hair
  • Protects hair from damage caused by daily flat iron use

My Oh My was I ever ecstatic to see this collection arrive at my door!!! My hair was just as happy as well!!. NuNaat has several different hair care collections & it was really hard choosing which line to review(as they all seem to have great benefits). My choice was the Karite Special as it is designed for naturally thick curly hair & chemically processed .(Yes I tried a perm...due to being so frustrated with my hair)My hair had been lacking luster for a while & I definitely needed a change in hair products as I just wasn't seeing the results I wanted from other hair care products.I have naturally curly hair that can easily become dry & tangly .....hard to manage..when I would try to straighten I would always get dry frizzy results & styles just wouldn't hold(resistant) .So I started my journey to better hair with my NuNaat Karite (Shea Butter) Special Collection!!


WASH ~ Karité Nourishing Shampoo
I washed my hair with about every 3days with this shampoo which has a very light clean scent(not overwhelmingly scented). Though a very light weight ,clean rinse shampoo ,the natural moisturizers of the shea butter revitalized my EXTREMELY dry hair.I  experienced noticeably stronger, healthier hair after just one use.Wet hair,lather & rinse. Shampoo (8.4 oz) - Retail Price: $5.49 each

CONDITION~ Karité Reconstructive Conditioner
This conditioner though very light weight as well, left my dry, brittle and damaged hair rejuvenated . Apply to clean, wet hair and leave in for 3 minutes before rinsing.When my hair is seeming to become dry or damaged I tend to leave on a few minutes longer.Conditioner (8.6 oz) - Retail Price: $5.49 each

EXTRA CONDITIONING~ Karité Special Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
Since my hair seemed EXTREMELY dry I used weekly instead of twice monthly as suggested,for a little extra  deep, restorative conditioning. It worked great on my chemically-processed hair. The conditioning mask smoothed  and protected my  hair that had  been weakened with age. Apply to clean, wet hair. Leave in for 15 minutes. Rinse completely(Which of course I left this one on a little longer as well ..30 minutes..with a cap on under my dryer..for a little MAXIMUM conditioning) & Since this mask is so light weight as well I never felt a heavy sticky residue. Very light,clean lovely scented! My hair was left smelling clean & just like shea butter! Very big tub size too so it will last ! Hair Mask (17.6 oz) - Retail Price: $6.99 each

 My hair was becoming much more manageable , moisturized & easier to style!! The dull faded look was FADING AWAY!! I could see my natural color coming back to life!

SPEAKING OF STYLING ...We continue with....

Karité Special Leave-In Detangler (Combing Cream)
So you know how I told you my hair is VERY curly & un-manageable....well this leave in creme definitely tamed and detangled my hair, making it more manageable for styling. It only took a small amount. Distribute throughout hair and comb in. Use daily or as needed. Combing Cream (10.3 oz) - Retail Price: $5.99 each

Karité Thermo Active Anti-Frizz
I use this EACH & EVERY time before I put ANY kind of heat to my hair!!. This heat-activated styling creme maintained my hair’s natural shine & protected my hair from the damage of my EXTRA hot flat irons! Simply apply a small amount to the palm of your hand and distribute evenly( I made sure to coat my ends good) & then just style as usual.I also noticed that unlike usual...instead of a burnt hair still had that lovely shea butter scent after styling with heat.AntiFrizz (5.2 oz) - Retail Price: $6.49 each

A Little Bonus I received which has also helped my hair with restoring moisture & style manageability..I call it MIRACLE OIL!!
NAAT Minerals Argan Oil
Used for centuries by Berber women to help neutralize the damaging effects caused by extreme hot weather, argan oil has age-defying and restorative properties and is high in fatty acids and vitamin E.

3.3 fl oz (100 ml) Retail Price :$7.99

So 1 month later after using the Karite Special Collection.. MY HAIR THANKED ME with manageability,luster,shine,lasting styles etc... All I can say is THANK YOU NUNAAT!!!!!& These results didn't cost me a fortune! Such great hair care at AFFORDABLE prices!!
 I will never waste my time ,searching around ,when behold my eyes, have found ,NuNaat Hair Care Products! SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>>>>>>

My NEW HAIR!!!!!!!!!!
YEAH BABY!!!!! That is my new hair!!! Full of shine & Luster...Soft & Flowing...such a VIBRANT healthy GLOW brought back to life...rejuvenated & Revived!! I had forgotten that I had such a lovely natural hair had been looking so dull dry & just plain ole' ugly to me....however after using my NuNaat Karite Special Collection...I have completely changed my mind on hair coloring!!I mean ..CHECK ME OUT...I think I see Natural Highlights!! & Would you believe that I use to spend HOURS trying to style my hair!! This only took me 20 minutes to style (including wash & blow dry) !!!! Now that is what I call AMAZING!!!! A HAIR MIRACLE!!  My Hair Is Definitely ALL IT CAN BE Now!!!

NuNaat also has a variety of 7 Hair Care Collections & other products designed specifically for different hair types & needs. You can check them all out here on NuNaats Website !!

I just don't know how NuNaat can get any more FABULOUS!! Oh Wait....Yes I Do!!!!!!


That's right!! The WONDERFUL folks at Nunaat would love to give you readers a chance to win one of your very own NuNaat Karite Special Hair Care Collection!!!


Step 1: FOLLOW NuNaat On TWITTER to Tweet with them!!

Step2: Take a look on the  NuNaat Website ,check out their Collections to see which one would best suit your hair type/condition..then leave a comment on NuNaats FACEBOOK Page letting them know which one you would like to try!! Make sure to LIKE them & become a FAN while you are there!!

Step 3: Make sure you are FOLLOWING the BLOG HERE...which you can do so through GFC or NetworkedBlogs located to the top right of the Blog Page!

Step4: Leave a comment here on the Blog letting me know that "Ya Just Gotta Have It"!!

ENDS NOVEMBER 1,2012.. Winner will be announced here & on Facebook!!

THAT'S IT MY PEEPS!! Hope you all enjoyed & will come back soon!!!

* The product provided for the review was free of charge from the company. The product offered for the giveaway is free of charge, no purchase necessary. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by any form of compensation. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are in no way associated with this giveaway. US ONLY


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